LV60Warrior とりあえず欲しい装備


Battlegear of Valor

Set Bonuses:
3 pieces: +50 Armor.
5 pieces: +20 Attack Power.
6 pieces: When struck in combat inflicts 2 Arcane damage to the attacker.
7 pieces: Restores 5 health every 5 sec.
8 pieces: 1% chance to stun a victim struck in combat for 1 seconds.

Total Stats:
Agility: 56
Armor: 3622
Spirit: 35
Stamina: 131
Strength: 110

Waist: Highlord Omokk in Blackrock Spire
Feet: Kirtonos the Herald in Scholomance
Wrist: Blackrock Spire
Chest: General Drakkisath in Blackrock Spire
Hand: Ramstein the Gorger in Stratholme
Head: Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance
Legs: Baron Rivendare in Stratholme
Shoulder: Warchief Rend Blackhand in Blackrock Spire

-Ornate Adamantium Breastplate
(EPL Quest)
-Omokk's Girth Restrainer
(LBRS Quest)
-Blackhand's Breadth
(UBRS Raid Quest)


The Unstoppable Force
Don Julio's Band
The Immovable Object
(AV Reward)

The Defiler's Resolution
(AB Reward /exalted)

Champion's Battlegear
(PvP Rank Reward 7-10)
by juli_etta | 2006-02-15 11:35 | Warrior
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