Free Warriorより


*- Healing Potions 10+
*- Whipper Root Tubers 60+
- Night Dragon's Breath 30+
*- Bandages
*- Food for healing
- Food that gives a buff
(I normally have four types with 1.9 I'll just need one)
*- A shield
*- If entering Molten Core fire resist equipment
- Backup armor and weapons incase normal items are red in a bad raid
*- Horned Viking Helmet - for the 30 seconds of crowd control
*- Sharpening Stones 10+
*- Ammunition 100+
*- Carrot on a stick, gloves with riding skill enchant and boots
 with mithril spurs
- 10+ each of Juju Power, Escape and Might
- Winterfall Firewater
*- Explosives - Crystal Charge and Ez-Thro Dynamite II
 (Can't believe everyone does not carry these always)
*- If I'm going to an instance that requires a key to enter
 I bring the key
- Potions 5 each of:
 *Mighty Rage,
   Brute Force,
Greater Stoneshield,
Limited Invulnerability,
Free Action,
Mighty Trolls Blood,
Restorative Elixir,
*Greater Fire and Shadow Protection,
by juli_etta | 2006-02-15 01:38 | Warrior
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